Insurance Help


After Hurricane Florence thousands of Eastern Carolina area homeowners received a forced introduction to the insurance claim process. Many found out that it is not always as simple as calling your friendly local agent and being handed a check to cover the repair costs, especially after a large scale disaster such as a hurricane.

While most insurance companies are not "inherently" malicious, they are not always forthcoming in being helpful about the claims process. Dominion representatives have been through it repeatedly, and many times we can help you get your issues resolved quickly and help you to receive a FAIR payment from your insurance company and help alleviate the stress and worry about getting your repairs done.

Even though it's been a while since Hurricane Florence you may still be able to work with your insurance company and file a claim for roof, siding and other damages that were the direct result of the storm. If you did file a claim and received a payment below what the estimated repair costs are, be aware that the initial payment usually isn't the only one and that you may be entitled to additional compensation.

Feel free to give Dominion a call if you still have issues from the storm. We may be able to help or get you moving in the right direction without having to pay out of pocket for damage that should have been covered.